by AL-LY

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I think I should just let u be/
u know u can't be mad right?/
Kuz it doesn't take much to see/
you don't know what a mans like/

You coulda been next to me/
Let me guess we should be friends right/
it doesn't take much to see/
You don't know what a mans like/

First of I Joseph, freaks all the honeys/
But ain't nobody laughin when these broads acting funny/
Is it how I dress the way I look or talk tell me something/
But it's always just the same response we're friends or were nothing/
I mean I can't be that damn ugly/
If that's the case fuck it I ain't going no where wit u in public/
I ain't bitter just didn't consider why I can't be wit her/
thought I would fit her, guess I wasn't the first pick of the litter/
I mean i had me some bad ones, but I can't even front/
There were some I can't imagine anyone would ever want/
So maybe that's just how she views it and doesn't wanna confuse it/
Either way this shits confusing or maybe she's straight clueless/
Imma man but she seems to think otherwise/
Dating other guys complaining how they always tell her lies/
Asking me when she gon find a real man/
Well maybe that's what u could have when u stop calling us friends/


After some months roll on/
I find a woman whose been just as patient for so long/
Posting pictures without a caption, just to keep em guessin/
Then of course what's next is I start getting messages/
Some say congrats, some sayin where you at/
my brother talking shit sayin you don't know what to do wit that/
After a laugh Scroll down a bit and what do I see/
She's single she's knocked up and she's messaging me/
How u been it said hope ur doing well I said thanks/
I hope ur doing good, she said I think I've seen better days/
I kinda wanted to just rub all of the shit in her face/
Instead I was the bigger man and left it all in its place/
Had she given me the chance and maybe knew what she had/
She wouldn't have a child with a piece of shit baby's dad/
Saying she never found herself a real man/
well God may have given u one but u just called me a friend/ i gotta go



released February 2, 2016



all rights reserved